"Only the strong can control their fates..."


Age: 19
Sex: M
Race: Human
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair Color: Black (Xevierian)
Eye Color: Blue
Notable Physical Traits: Heavy Scars on body, epicanthic folds, scar running over left eye.
Body Type: Chiseled, athletic.

A former gladiator, Gares is the fighter in the <insert name="true">. Highly skilled with a great katana known as the Nodachi, he uses his cunning and finesse to dispatch foes with ferocity and terror.


The imposing fighter known as Gares was once a gladiator slave on the Nallianan continent, where he fought viciously for ten years.
Born Tomokazu Han (Tristan Han in Nallianan) to a famed Xevierian swordsman who immigrated seeking freedom from his family traditions and a Nallianan daughter of a wealthy merchant, Tomokazu was a promising youth growing up in the busy city of Telemaria. His father taught him the skills he learned living in Xevier, the languages, wisdom, and most of all, the usage of Xeverian blades.
Tomokazu, however was especially ambitious in his early days, desiring more than his father’s legacy and his mother’s abundant wealth; he desired to emulate those heroes he read in his father’s history books. Then one fateful day changed everything in his life. At the tender age of seven, Tomokazu was practicing his swordsmanship out late in the outskirts of the city, something which his parents constantly berate him for.
However his rebellious spirit lead him to a new, darker life. He was ambushed by a gang of slave traders, something which the empire had trouble checking in this age. Surprisingly, the youth took down several bandits when they assaulted him, which greatly impressed the leader. The youth was sold to a coliseum for his potentials in combat rather than used as slave labor.
A sharp kid, the youth quickly learned the futileness of disobeying and struggling with his handlers, until he had more power to do so. The youth relieved his pain and suffering by focusing on his swordsmanship. Although he learned how to use other blades and throwing weapons in gladiatorial combat, his preference for the great katana known as the Nodachi was adamant. Growing up in a harsh environment, Tomokazu learned many combat skills, such as the importance of perception, fear and reflexes which he was constantly reminded by his plentiful scars.
After witnessing the brutality of humanity, and being forced to kill other gladiators, Tomokazu’s ideals became jaded. He started to enjoy the fighting and the bloodshed, becoming one of the crowd’s favorite with his swift and brutal displays of death. He no longer desired to become a hero, nor did he prioritize the fundamentals of morality. To him, he was kidnapped because he was weak, his parents and the law did not rescue him because they were weak, and the world allowed such cruel fates because it was weak. Power was absolute, and it would allow him to control everything he so desired, regardless of the desire itself. And so, this ideal burned into his mind for many years, which he became known as Gares; the dark one.
Although he became cynical, his humanity remained intact, as he yearned to see the outside world, life outside his cage. Grown into a powerful and cunning man by the age of seventeen, Tomokazu saw his chance for freedom, and he had enough power to take it. Learning of his handler’s habits, he exploited them and killed them brutally. A fitting end to folks who exploited him for many cruel years to accumulate wealth. He took only his sword with him and enough gold to sail to a new continent, somewhere he could further his goal without his history chasing him, he travelled to K’hāmid.
As there were no handlers to feed him nor fix his equipment, he learned to hunt with a bow, and maintain his weapons and armor while performing bounty hunting missions to sustain himself. His story would take a new turn however, as one day, he met a son of a noble family, who invited him to explore an ancient ruin; the noble son promised him money and share of the riches and loot they would find there. Seeking adventure and a potential to increase his power, he agreed.


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