The Birth of Legends

Taste of Power

A few weeks have passed since Gares and the Noble Galwryth made their way towards Bia. Gares, curious to probe the behavior of his new employer, questioned the noble quite a few times during the trip over and the stay at the town. Noticing his response and his acts, Gares was annoyed by his companion’s beavhior, which was entirely whimsical and haughty in nature. Along their way, they encountered a strange young woman named Tsuni, who said she was foretold to help them in their quest. The duo, was entirely ambivalent but allowed her presence.

The trio rode with a caravan to their destination, all was going well until after 3 days past, treachery ran amok. One of the guards killed his co-worker and took off with the Caravan’s leaders nephew and treasures. Gares and Galwyrth, wanting the caravan to continue and interested in the rewards accepted the offer. Tsuni traveled with them as it was in her interest to follow these two.

The tracker took them through a few several perils, orcs and voracious vines. The group also learned the Tsuni was a deaf oracle, which would explain the interesting things she did in one of the battles. Late in the day, with dusk approaching, the group approached another orc encampment, near a cave. The battle was going well until a creature emerged from the cave, roaring with its might. It was an ogre, and a formidable one as well. The battle was arduous, as the ogre nearly killed Galwryth with its giant club, knocking him down several times. Thanks to the timely intervention of Tsuni however, he stayed on his feet. After dispatching the rest of the orcs, the group focused on the ogre. Following a ferocious strike from Gares, the ogre was severely wounded and tried to recover with a healing draught. However Gares caught sight of and dealt the finishing blow before the ogre could recover, collapsing down and throwing a great upheaval of dirt. The trial was difficult, but most satisfying, as they just slain a mighty ogre warrior and felt new empowerment by their hardship. Gares, greatly enjoyed the challenge, as he knew he grew more powerful with each difficult trial.

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