Religion and Deities of Nalliana and Orium

Most of the widely-worshipped Nallianan gods are lawful. Their religion orients itself as a struggle between the good and lawful, led by Kassen, and the evil and chaotic, led by Ruiloth, and the region reflects this in its social order and cultural homogeneity. The gods of Nalliana, as a result of the religion having been spread by the Xamoti Empire, have replaced the worship of those indigenous to Orium.

An important fact of Nallianan theology is the importance and symbolism of numbers, especially in prophecy and fortune-telling. The most important numbers in this system of divination are the self-numbers; that is, numbers that cannot be generated by the sum of an integer and to its digits (Self Numbers, Wikipedia), and the most important of the self numbers are the self primes.

  • Lord Star, original creator of heaven and earth.
  • Kassen, king of the gods, god of justice, light, knowledge, vision, and the sun.
  • Surin, god of protection and strength.
  • Ilmys, god of righteous battle.
  • Annura, goddess of magic and healing.
  • Nathu, god of swiftness and cunning.
  • Jhal, god of death and self-perfection.
  • Ciral, god of luck and the forge.
  • Dannas, goddess of the night, love, and birth.
  • Ruiloth, the Lava King, evil god of anger and destruction.
  • Narlan, evil god of the deep.
  • Vass, evil god of lies and tricks.
  • Haaza, evil goddess of cold and storms.

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Religion and Deities of Nalliana and Orium

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